Brand Style Guide

How to properly display our branding

Brand Mark

The brand’s mark is designed to act as a standalone brand element where proper spacing cannot be achieved with the full logo.


CMYK: C 0.98 | M 0.25 | Y 0.00 | K 0.20

Panton: 801 C

RGB: R 5 | G 154 | B 204

Hex: #059ACC


CMYK: C 0.65 | M 0.00 | Y 0.21 | K0.27

Panton: 7723 C

RGB: R 66 | G 187 | B 147

Hex: #42BB93


CMYK: C 0.00 | M 0.03 | Y 0.85 | K0.27

Panton: Neutral Black C

RGB: R 39 | G 38 | B 38

Hex: #272626

Logo Format

The logo will be saved in different file formats and color variants for use in both web and print.

Recommended File Formats

.eps | .svg | .png

Brand Colors

The brand is comprised of two main colors; “green” and “blue” which together make up the brand’s gradient.

Logo Clearspace & Computation

Wherever the logo appears, it must contain whitespace not less than one half (1/2) its total height. This includes both the logotype and mark.

Font-Family Roboto

This is A Heading

This is the body text. It should always appear in the “black” color and the line height should not exceed 1.4em.


The Brand consists of one (1) font-family with
only one (1) weight.