Maximizing Your Virtual Meeting Experience.

Hi, I’m Haley, President of Virtual Meeting Consultant Group. I help bring meaningful, interactive virtual meetings to life. My passion is connecting people – to their leaders, to their communities, to their clients.

Haley Estelle

Virtual Meeting Administration

I will help you determine how your virtual meeting should be setup and executed. Do you need registration or is the meeting open for all to attend? How do you want your audience to interact? Verbally, through chat, through polling, perhaps a virtual white board? I work with you to understand the goals of your meeting and figure out the best way to make it happen.

Virtual Meeting Production

You focus on content; I manage the ins and outs of the technology and the audience. The day of the meeting has arrived, and all YOU have to worry about is the content you’re sharing. Day of meeting production means I make sure the audience is controlled (everyone is minding their mute). I moderate and monitor the interactive features of your virtual meeting through chat, polling and Q&A. I assist you and the audience with technical aspects of presentations, audio and video connections, and making sure everyone has what they need, when they need it.

Hosting Service
Hosting Service

Coaching, Support, and Training.

You and your team are ready to take on virtual meeting production without the assistance of a producer. I can help teach you and your team the ins and outs of virtual meeting production, help write standard operating procedures, and show you how to find resources for creating interactive, engaging virtual meetings.

Pick your platform, we’ll do the rest.

Want to use a new platform, but not sure which? We got you. Our team can produce or host your virtual event on a range of platforms…